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Like his labelmate Jay Rock (who he toured with earlier this year), Reason is a classically skilled rapper who makes the kind of rap that dominated the '90s and early 2000s, and though There You Have It is void of modern flourishes, Reason is so good at what he does that it doesn't matter what year this thing came out. 16. She relishes in piercing hypocrisies, often to establish her standards. Le 12 février 2018 à 16:45:28 PseudoBelge a écrit - page 2 - Topic Meilleur album de rap US depuis 2010 ? Les 10 meilleurs albums de rap US Si l’année 2018 US est un peu plus anecdotique que les précédentes, elle n’en demeure pas moins intéressante à suivre. / Kenny Beats, “Kelly Price Freestyle”, A whirl of bright-eyed romance, vamping self-confidence, and unbridled pride in black communities, Leikeli47’s Acrylic is a sequel and companion to last year’s Wash & Set. dominated the current rap mainstream with raw, aggressive, '90s-style rap and maybe that prepared the world to be ready for an album like Redemption. It's the perfect example of an artist who knows how to write a pop song, but also knows how to change it up when you least expect it and keep everything sounding raw. 13 Nov. Homage DJ Kay Slay. Her mild-tempered delivery and the album's intricate jazz instrumentals can make it seem intimidating, but one of the best things about Room 25 is how incredibly listenable it is. During album highlight "Reborn," both artists tell their stories of overcoming personal obstacles, with Cudi describing his emergence from a period of depression, and Kanye discussing his newfound resistance to adversity. Un concept d'escroc incroyable, les meilleurs sons / albums de rap fr de l'année 2018 LIKEZ & PARTAGEZ LES VÔTRES EN COMMENTAIRE ! This is what it sounds like. –Sheldon Pearce, Listen: Jay Rock, “Wow Freestyle” [ft. Kendrick Lamar], The most impressive thing about Everything’s Fine is its understanding that grief can mean processing many things at once, and sometimes that requires having a laugh. Vallejo rap group SOB x RBE had one of the most significant breakthroughs and one of the most prolific outputs of any artist in 2018. It doesn't seem like Oxnard is getting received like it's going to be a classic on the level of those albums (though it's only been out for like a month so it's still got time to prove itself), but even if it's not, Paak deserves credit for trying. Music / Cactus Jack. Le Grammy Award for Best Rap Album (Grammy Award du meilleur album de rap) est une récompense musicale décernée depuis 1996 lors de la cérémonies des Grammy Awards. It’s not so much a question anymore whether you like Cardi or not: it’s which Cardi you like most. It's a wiser, more mature album than Phonte has ever written, the kind of album that you really can't write until you've been around a little longer and seen some more shit. The tape's long but there's no real filler; almost every song could work as the next big single if it just gets the right exposure. He offers up a contrast between the flat-out fun songs and the more serious ones where he raps about witnessing violence on the streets of Chicago, or praying for a good future for his son. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Après le succès de son 1er album solo, Dr Dre va signer la production du 1er et meilleur album rap de son poulain Snoop Doggy Dogg. The more club- and radio-ready songs got stuck in my head this year as often as the weirder ones did. It opens with the kind of booming hook that sounds built to start a party the second it comes on, and it stays on that level for the rest of the song.

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