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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Get the brand new x737project version 6 to fly Boeing 737-700, 737BBJ, 737-800 and 737BBJ2 on your computer. Southwest started using 20 for all aircraft back in 2008 (? Copyright © 2011-2020. Do not complain if you do not like what you read. Ook een hele reeks FMC/CDU-technieken .. The CI is modelled by the avionics suite, and whether it is functional depends on the suite used. Thank you for another great article, always clear and informative. Again x737project by EADT will change the way you fly Boeing 737NG on X-Plane. Flight with duration < 4 Hours:, A319 and A320 = Cost Index 27, B737-300 and B737-500 = Cost Index 45, B747-400 = Cost Index 90, B757-200 = Cost Index 80, B767-300 = Cost Index 65, B777-200 = Cost Index … - Accurate Cost Index calculations for LRC/ECON speeds - Horizontal and vertical navigation. - Sid/star and navdata custom database. Jude BradleyBeech Baron: Uh, Tower, verify you want me to taxi in front of the 747?ATC: Yeah, it's OK. He's not hungry. But I would like to do it in the most realistic way as possible. 2020年第2四半期(4~6月期)のプラントコストインデックスENN-PCIを算定し、2000年からの推移を図1に示した。 2017年第1四半期以降、PCIは(コスト要因)、(コスト+需給要因)とも上昇してきたが、2019年第3四半期をターニングポイント(山)から下落に転じた。 A more detailed list can be found on the AVSIM website (Thanks Dirk (ProSim737 forum) for the link). Although not standard practice, the CI value can be changed during the flight. The Cost Index = fuel consumption in KG per minute? 羽田空港へ来ています!今回は友人と2人で鹿児島&博多を訪れる事になりましたが、鹿児島行きのJALで指定した2人掛けシートがとても快適!クラスJよりも広いシートピッチで開放感もあり、とてもお得なフライトとなりました! PCI 西暦年 PCI *1 西暦年 PCI 1985 90.0 1995 110.9 2005 130.0 2015 150.4 1986 84.1 1996 114.9 2006 144.1 2016 150.9 1987 89.2 1997 118.5 2007 155.3 2017 156.6 1988 109.9 1998 *1102.7 2008 151.3 2018 It depends on the airliner. The cost of living in Florida is about the same as the national average, but millennials in Florida earned just $34,990 in adjusted median income, the lowest in the country. ), UAL switched 0 on the 757s at about the same time, and COA was using 7 on it's 737s. Sign up for a new account in our community. Most of these CIs predate the massive hike in fuel prices that occurred ~2008, since they all seem rather high. CDU – Control Display UnitCI – Cost IndexFMC – Flight Management Computer Mmo – Maximum operating speedVmo – Maximum operating limit speed. ProSim737 and Sim Avionics have the CI modelled and functional, as does Project Magenta (PM), Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG) and I-Fly. By highly detailed airliner simulations for use with FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane PMDG 737NGXu BBJ Expansion for Prepar3D v4 & v5 BUY NOW PMDG 737NGXu Cargo Expansion for Prepar3D v4 & v5 BUY NOW PMDG 737NGXu All HTML will be escaped. clist.txt for zibo b738 3.06d. De todas formas el cost index no es fijo. Founder of AVSIM Online. I don't think anybody uses 30 on Boeing 737s these days. The range of the CI is 0-200 units in the Boeing 737 Classics and 0-500 units in the Next Generation (NG) airframes. On their member forum, I stumbled upon a very helpful list that appears to show the cost index data for a huge variety of TRENDING New York City can be a difficult place to move in or out of on your own. Smiths Industries (formerly Lear Seigler) has supplied all FMCs installed on the 737. I think airlines sometimes use a higher number cost index during the takeoff phase to better comply with ATC demands in the busy terminal space (i.e., expedited climbs, or speed changes for proper spacing from other traffic). Boeing realizes that as fuel costs increase, airlines are reticent to only expend what is absolutely necessary; therefore, Boeing works with its clients (airlines) to determine, based upon their operating style, the most appropriate CI value to use. Advertise With Me - Thank You, But No Thanks.... B737-800 NG Flight Mode Annunciator (FMA), B737 Autothrottle (A/T) - Normal and Non-Normal Operations, Primary Flight Display (PFD) - Differences Between Sim Avionics and ProSim737 Avionics Suites, Boeing 737-800 Takeoff Procedure (simplified), Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) Boeing 737NG Lights Test Toggle Switch - Wired and Installed to MIP, Crosswind Landing Techniques Part Two - Calculations, Crosswind Landing Techniques Part One - Crab and Sideslip, OEM Brackets to Secure Gauges and Modules to Boeing 737 MIP, Tools To Assist in Approach: Using the B737-800 Vertical Bearing Indicator, Altitude Range Arc and Vertical Deviation Scale, B737-800 AFDS Unit - Converted and Installed to MIP, Using Interface Cards and Canon Plugs To Convert OEM B737 Parts, OEM Boeing 737 Stick Shaker - Interfacing and Operation, V1-Avionics, ARINC 429 Protocol & SIM429-11 Interface - Interfacing OEM Aviation Parts, Boeing 737 NG Master Caution System ('six packs') Installed and Operational, Main Instrument Panel (MIP) - Seeking Accuracy in Design, RMI Knobs Installed to Main Instrument Panel (MIP), RMI Switch Assembly (ADF/VOR) Installed to Center Pedestal - Flying by VOR & NDB Made Easier, B737-800 NG EVAC Panel - A Nice-looking Panel, B737-800 NG Fuel Flow Reset Switch - OEM Switch Installed and Functional, "Season's Greetings" and Projects for 2014, B737 Throttle Quadrant - Automated Thrust Lever Movement, Adding A New Forward Section To The Existing Platform, B737 Throttle Quadrant - Parking Brake Mechanism, B737 Throttle Quadrant - Trim Wheels and Trim Indicator Tabs, B737 Throttle Quadrant - Flaps UP to 40; Conversion and Use, B737 Aural Warning Module (AWM) Installed and Operational, B737 Throttle Quadrant - Speedbrake Conversion and Use, B737 Center Pedestal Completed and Installed - Flight Testing Begins, B737-500 Throttle Conversion to NG Style - Overview, Handy Software to Determine Hard Drive Usage - HD Graph, OEM B737 Landing Gear Mechanism - Installed and Functioning, Full-time Construction - Light at the end of the Tunnel, Freight Dispatched - Throttle Quadrant Australia Bound, Flight Deck Builders Toolbox - Multimeter, Avoiding Confusion: Acceleration Height, Thrust Reduction Height, Derates, Noise Abatement and the Boeing Quiet Climb System, Simulator Construction Update - June 2013, Searching for Definitive Answers - Flight Training, Genuine B737 Forward & Aft Overhead Panels Purchased, B737-800 Cabin Phone System Panel - Center Pedestal, Purchase Guidelines - Avoid Being Disappointed, SISMO Soluciones - Avionics Review: My Negative Experience, Replacement OEM 737-500 Throttle & Center Pedestal - Conversion to NG Style, Batch Files & Flight-1 Program Launcher - Time Savers, Reference Nav Data - CDU Functionality Explained, B737 Auto Brakes - Converting & Using a Genuine Auto Brake, B737 Blanking Plates - Cover That Unsightly Gap, 737 Classic Flight Deck - Scrap to Home Flight Deck, B737 Training - Videos by Angle of Attack (AoA) - Basic Review, Magnetic Declination - FS9 & FSX Navigation Datebase Update, 2012 - 2013: Seasons Greetings, Thank You & 2013 Plans, OEM Boeing 737 Control Columns - A Closer Look, Digital Chronograph Running ProSim737 Software, Modular Floor Structure / Base Platform Installed, Sheepskin Seat Cover added to Weber Captain-side Seat, Converting Genuine B737 Audio Control Panels (ACPs), Ground Effect - Historical Perspective & Technical Explanation.

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